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Description: An event company must be a reflection of Joie de Vivre’s commitment to excellence within hospitality. Key benchmarks of attentiveness, responsiveness and believing in the core philosophy of exemplary customer service are crucial in selecting a trusted partner to supply audiovisual services. 

Action: Pinnacle Communications lives up to Joie de Vivre’s expectations. Through proactive communication, timely implementation, and quickly addressing issues and challenges, Pinnacle adds value for Joie de Vivre and their clientele by providing all audiovisual services for the Hotel Vitale. We pride ourselves on being the trusted technical consultant for audiovisual needs and supply state of the art technology for the Hotel. 

Result: Pinnacle maintains a healthy growing relationship focusing on the needs of the customer. Knowing what we do right and how we could do it better are some of our biggest concerns. Pinnacle believes long term relationships are built from trust and demonstrating through positive examples. 

"Pinnacle Communications continues to impress, going above and beyond to meet the needs of the Hotel Vitale and our valued clientele."  

Krysta North
Hotel Vitale